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Clean /hana/log in secondary database

In this article we will explain how to clean /hana/log in secondary site. Remember that we can’t delete any files manually under /hana/log/ folder. If this issue happen on the primary database, you should clean /hana/log/ using query “ALTER SYSTEM RECLAIM LOG”, but as you might be aware, you can’t connect to HDBSQL or run…

SAML is not working

Symptom: SAML is not working anymore Environment: BOBJ/DataServices Cause: CMC was not being redirected to SAML Trusted Authentication shared secret file is expired. Solution: Go to CMC -> Authentication -> EnterpriseUnder the Trusted Authentication enter 0 to “Shared Secret Validity Period (days) 3. Download Shared Secret clicking on the Button “Download Shared Secret” 4. Then…

OLAP Connections encoutered an unexpedted exception

Symptom: After an activity performed the OLAP Connection in the CMC is failing: Environment: BOBJS / Data Services Solution: Perform a Tomcat Clean cache: Navigate to usr/sap/SID/sap_bobj/Stop the tomcat by using the command: ./tomcatshutdown.shNavigate to tomcat/work folderRename the localhost directoryNavigate to usr/sap/SID/sap_bobj/ and start the tomcat by using the command: ./tomcatstartup.shWait until the cache is…

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