Renaming diagnostic agent (DAA) after migration of host

In this simple and short tutorial, we are going to see how to rename the diagnostic agent (DAA). In our case, we are doing this activity because we did a migration of host, so the host name changed and we must update it.

We start by defining the below 3 environment variables and executing ./sapinst with root user.

./sapinst is going to return a URL as shown in the picture below. We must copy that URL and paste it on any browser.

In the Software Provisioning Manager, we will pick System Rename > Standard System > SAP System Rename.

In this case we are going to leave the SAP System ID as DAA (we don’t change it).

In the below screen we are just going to click Next.

In the below screen, we are going to skip the prerequisites. Click No.

Here we are going to change the hostname. In “Source System” we will see the old host name and in the “Target System” we will see the actual host name. If it is not there by default, you should type it.

Next you should validate that the FQDN is correct and click Next.

In our case we are going to keep the existing licenses, so we will check “Keep existing licenses” and click Next.

In our case we are not going to clean up operating system users, so we will not check the below option here.

Last, we are going to review all the parameters in this section. Just make sure everything looks fine and click Next.

We can see the activity finished successfully.

The next and last step is to validate if it was changed successfully.

  1. Go to the profile of DAA (/usr/sap/DAA/SYS/profile/) and you should see the profile as DAA_SMDA98_newHostName.
  2. If you check the DAA DEFAULT.PLF profile, you should see any parameter with the hostname updated. (e.g. SAPGLOBALHOST = newHostName)


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