HANA Backup Restore


Today we are going to talk about how to do a HANA Backup Restore.

First go to HANA Studio, (1) right click on the system, (2) click on Backup and Recovery and (3) select Recover Tenant Database…

Select the tenant where you want to restore the database.

In the below screen I selected “Recover the database to a specific data backup”.

Note: In this case I am doing a system refresh, so I did a backup from production database, then I moved the backup files to the QA system and those are the files I am going to select.

In this case we will select “Recover without the backup catalog”.

We will provide the location of our backup and the backup prefix.

Note: The backup name in this case is “COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP_FQA_Refresh_databackup_0_1″ but the prefix is only the text in bold.

In the below screen we have to review that our options are the correct options and click Finish. If all the information you entered is fine, the recovery should start.

The best way to monitor the progress of your restore is at OS level by going to “/usr/sap/SID/HDB##/host/trace/DB_SID” and checking backup.log (e.g. tail -f backup.log). As shown below, here you are able to see the progress of your restore.

Once the restore is completed, you should see the below message in your logs.


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