Clean /hana/log in secondary database

In this article we will explain how to clean /hana/log in secondary site. Remember that we can’t delete any files manually under /hana/log/ folder. If this issue happen on the primary database, you should clean /hana/log/ using query “ALTER SYSTEM RECLAIM LOG“, but as you might be aware, you can’t connect to HDBSQL or runContinue reading “Clean /hana/log in secondary database”

Data Service Repository cannot Resync

Symptom: ODBC call <SQLDriverConnect> to connect database <> failed with error: <ODBC call <SQLDriverConnect> to connect database <> failed with error: <[SAP AG] [LIBODBCHDB SO] [HDBODBC] General error; 10 authentication failed>. Environment: Data Services / HANA DB Cause: The error is a General error;10 authentication failed. In these scenario the cause was that the passwordContinue reading “Data Service Repository cannot Resync”

Enable transport auto import

This time we will write about enabling transport auto import for an SAP system. Steps that we are going to perform: Delete all transports in the buffer where the auto import is going to be enabled Schedule the job for auto importing transport Validate it was scheduled correctly Delete transports from the buffer First weContinue reading “Enable transport auto import”

SUM Error: The command ‘disp+work’ from tool ‘disp+work’ could not be executed

Hello guys, When executing the SUM, we are having the below error: When checking SAPup.log under /usr/sap/sid/SUM/abap/log, we could see the below error: When checking disp+work_exe.out under /usr/sap/sid/SUM/abap/log, we could see the below error or similar: Some information: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.7 (Maipo) Using SUM – Software Upgrade Manager 2.0 SP12 (PL6)Continue reading “SUM Error: The command ‘disp+work’ from tool ‘disp+work’ could not be executed”

Renaming diagnostic agent (DAA) after migration of host

In this simple and short tutorial, we are going to see how to rename the diagnostic agent (DAA). In our case, we are doing this activity because we did a migration of host, so the host name changed and we must update it. We start by defining the below 3 environment variables and executing ./sapinst withContinue reading “Renaming diagnostic agent (DAA) after migration of host”

Sapcontrol: FAIL: HTTP Error, HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

When executing sapcontrol -nr <instance> -function Stop it returns the error “FAIL: HTTP Error, HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized“ Fixing this error is simple with the below steps: 1- Using (1) ps -ef | grep sapstartsrv to identify the process id of the sapstartsrv process as shown below. In the below case we can see that itContinue reading “Sapcontrol: FAIL: HTTP Error, HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized”

Cleaning your trace/log files

Description Do you need to clean your trace/log files using a specific criteria? There are simple Linux commands that can help you achiving this without having to do a complex script. Here we will talk about the find command, which will help us to filter files with specific patterns and delete them. Find command TheContinue reading “Cleaning your trace/log files”