Clean /hana/log in secondary database

In this article we will explain how to clean /hana/log in secondary site. Remember that we can’t delete any files manually under /hana/log/ folder. If this issue happen on the primary database, you should clean /hana/log/ using query “ALTER SYSTEM RECLAIM LOG“, but as you might be aware, you can’t connect to HDBSQL or runContinue reading “Clean /hana/log in secondary database”

Data Service Repository cannot Resync

Symptom: ODBC call <SQLDriverConnect> to connect database <> failed with error: <ODBC call <SQLDriverConnect> to connect database <> failed with error: <[SAP AG] [LIBODBCHDB SO] [HDBODBC] General error; 10 authentication failed>. Environment: Data Services / HANA DB Cause: The error is a General error;10 authentication failed. In these scenario the cause was that the passwordContinue reading “Data Service Repository cannot Resync”