SAML is not working

Symptom: SAML is not working anymore Environment: BOBJ/DataServices Cause: CMC was not being redirected to SAML Trusted Authentication shared secret file is expired. Solution: Go to CMC -> Authentication -> Enterprise Under the Trusted Authentication enter 0 to “Shared Secret Validity Period (days) 3. Download Shared Secret clicking on the Button “Download Shared Secret” 4.Continue reading “SAML is not working”

Renaming diagnostic agent (DAA) after migration of host

In this simple and short tutorial, we are going to see how to rename the diagnostic agent (DAA). In our case, we are doing this activity because we did a migration of host, so the host name changed and we must update it. We start by defining the below 3 environment variables and executing ./sapinst withContinue reading “Renaming diagnostic agent (DAA) after migration of host”